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Indian Stock Market: Only relevant topics for retail value investor.

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The market is flooded by millions of books on ‘Indian Stock Market’. Most of these cover all sort of readers whether a trader or an investor. In these books, too much technical jargons are mentioned, various charts and formations are explained, thereby killing the common sense, intuition and self confidence of reader. These books make reader confused and afraid from stock market and don’t teach how to take calculated risk and earn from Indian market.

It is well understood that without learning, earning is not possible. Since, in current situation when everybody is not having time or privilege to read bulky text, thus a book is a need of hour where learning is precise, to the point & limited to achieve financial goals.

This book is a sincere attempt to let you start investing in Indian Stock Market. Very precise & only relevant information is detailed in simple & lucid language. I am confident that a sincere reader will reap huge profits in the Indian stock market provided he is a value investor, have patience, invest cautiously in disciplined manner and exercise sound buy & sell rules as explained in this book. Any retail value investor who will go thoroughly barely need any other reference material. However reader must not forget that learning is a continuous process and the stock market is itself an instructor who teaches in its own way.

During the journey in stock market, you will find that sometimes market behaves weirdly. it will fall or rise without any reason. Stock price of particular stocks will rise or fall without any reason. But remember, patience and belief in self is the only key to get success.

As it is also mentioned on cover page, this book is written considering retail value investors who generally invest small amount of money on regular basis, mostly when they get salary or income at the end of month. These retail investors have psychology to become afraid whenever they see fall of in their overall portfolio and sell all stocks at loss, thereby missing a chance to earn huge from market if they had showed patience and kept long term vision to hold stocks for at least 5 to 7 years.

I am well aware with this human psychology because earlier I also did same act. I invested few thousand rupees every month in mutual funds for some years and when I saw 10% loss in overall portfolio, I sold my all mutual funds in one go and suffered huge loss. Similarly I did it with shares in stock market. I followed news channels, paid tips and did everything to earn money but faced loss.

Finally, I introspected myself and found that lack of knowledge was the main factor behind loss. I decided to read many books on stock market, human psychology, risk management and then returned back in stock market with more confidence, armored with patience and understanding. This time I had knowledge about how market function, how TV channels create propaganda, how paid SMS trick works, how paid phone call are arranged and how human reacts when things go adverse.

Somebody said, the ‘winner learns from the mistake of loser’. As I have experience of both losing money in market and also of earning from the market, I think this book may be a beacon for future retail value investors who may be of any age, from any educational background, from any class or creed. I hope small value investors will emerge successful after reading this book.

However, it is worthy to note that this book is not for day traders or institutional investors. This is also not for people who deals with F&O, Currency, Commodity or Intraday trading.


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