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Inside Technology Stocks: The Secrets to Investing in Today’s Hottest Companies


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Technology stocks provide the wildest, most exhilarating, most profitable ride in the stock market today. This is the sector that moves the market on a daily basis. The sector includes such behemoths as Microsoft, Oracle, Amgen, Motorola and Lucent. The profit potential in technology stocks is extremely high, but so are the risks. With record high volatility being the norm, technology stocks are at the cutting edge, clearly representing the future of American business, much as the auto industry was at the beginning of the 20th century. In a sector full of promise but sure to be peppered with dramatic, stomach-churning shakeouts, how can the individual investor be sure where to invest? How can he or she make the best choices for profits and then protect those profits? Where and how can an investor find the next Microsoft? “Inside Technology Stocks” explains the ins and outs of this exciting, fast-paced market. This is an in-depth, clearly written guide for investors who are looking to understand what makes this sector tick. After reading this book, investors should be able to analyze and understand the forces that move the stocks in this sector. They should also learn the difference between many different types of high-tech stocks: bio-tech, computer hardware and software manufacturers, communications, electronics and Internet stocks. “Inside Technology Stocks” tackles a variety of issues important to investing in this sector, including: the trends and expectations of tech stocks; how to develop a winning strategy while avoiding financial ruin; doing basic research in a practical manner; how and when to buy and sell; and integrating technology stocks into an overall portfolio. The book will also feature sidebars highlighting select technology companies (successes, failures and new promising ones) as well as interviews with technology sector experts.



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