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No Way to Lose Money in the Stock Market

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Stock Market Business is the best business. And why is it? It is because only in the stock market business we can see that the amount of the profit made is thousand times more than the amount of capital. Well let’s not forget about the risk it carries but if one knows how to trade in the right way in the stock market then he or she will make profits thousand times more, and that’s no doubt. And this book is the guideline how to do the stock market business and if someone follows this book properly then it’s guaranteed that he or she will gain profits for sure. This book is basically for online individual investors in the stock market business who has few capitals and this book is specialized in basic concepts like how to invest money in the stock market, how to select companies sector-wise, how to divide the capital and invest it in the right company at the right time. The book illustrates how to buy companies, which companies to buy when it is the right time to buy, based on the individual investor’s capital. Suppose, your portfolio has XYZ Company’s stock and if its price goes down, then what will you do? You can buy the XYZ Company’s stocks again and make an average of it. So how to do make average? Well, you can find the way to do it in this book. You will also get to know how to trade Sell-Short and Buy-to-Cover. Well now coming to the point of selling, you will get to know how to sell, when it is the right time to sell, how many quantities you should sell after the percentage of profit made and you will also get to know about percentage-wise profit ratio you will be able to sell. This book clearly illustrates what to do whenever a company in your portfolio has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy or has very bad news. There are some concepts for options, calls, and puts as well. There are many charts given in the book which illustrates the number of risks it carries to fall down whenever stock price goes up. And at the end of the book, there are many useful tips for the online individual investors to use whenever they need to.
I have the expertise to make the profits doubled in a year or so. Therefore, if anybody who has invested in U.S Stock Market they can take this book as a guide.

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