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Options Trading For A Living: The Crash Course: How To Make A Passive Income From Home With The Best 2020 Advanced Strategies And Techniques Investing In The Stock Market, Every Day. For Beginners

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Unearth insider options trading secrets, discover a practical approach to the options market and trade your way to financial freedom and independence with the definitive guide to options trading!

Are you looking to generate some extra income on the side, but are afraid to put your money in the volatile stock market? Do you want to learn what it takes to trade options profitably without all the risks and mistakes that most traders make?

Are you looking to add an extra income stream to help you tide over difficult times and keep you afloat during an economic recession?

If your answer is a "yes" to any of these questions, then you might want to pay attention.

The recent world pandemic and the resulting economic armageddon has revealed why it’s a terrible mistake to have a single source of income. Entire sources of income and livelihood have been lost, and unemployment is through the roof.

This shouldn’t be you.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to navigate your way around the tricky waters of the options market and avoid the sharks and pitfalls that many newbie traders fall into. By the time you’re through with this book, you’ll have a headstart over your peers and become a better trader over time.

Among the practical tips and insights contained in Options Trading, you’re going to learn:

  • 6 legitimately good reasons to choose options trading over every other kind of trading out there
  • The different types of options available to you as a trader and how to select the right one
  • The major differences between stock trading, forex trading, and options trading, as well as their pros and cons
  • Powerful options trading strategies used by veteran traders to stay a step ahead of the market
  • The most commonly used platforms to trade options and how to choose the right platform that perfect for you
  • A simple 4-step technique to open an options account without fuss
  • Proven ways to manage your risk exposure during options trading
  • How to carry out technical analysis in options and keep up a successful trade percentage
  • …and tons more!

Ideally suited for everyone, whether it’s your very first time trading options or you’re an experienced trader looking to learn new tricks to add to your options trading skillset, this book will become your reference guide to all things trading in the options market.

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