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Stock Market Investing for Beginners and Forex: A Quick Start Guide to Creating Real Wealth and Become a Intelligent Investor in Forex & Stocks to Build Your Constant Stream of Income

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Would you like to learn more about the stock market ? Do you want to understand the ultimate strategies to invest and the best tactics?

Well, let’s start by studying and understanding what the stock market is.

The stock market is the place where investors buy and sell investments, also known as securities. It is also known as a securities exchange. Joint investments or securities found on the stock market are mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, cash equivalents like Treasury securities, stocks, and bonds. Every stock market is heavily regulated by the government and has its own set of rules. 

Some of the most popular stock markets in the world include the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which has a listing of 2400 companies and is worth more than $20 trillion in market capitalization. There is also the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) market, which has over 3800 companies listed and is worth about $11 trillion in market capitalization. Both of these stock markets are located in New York. Also, both open at 9:30 AM eastern time and close at 4 PM eastern time. They also offer premarket and after-hours trading sessions for investors, depending on the broker that the investor uses.

To be clear, the stock market is only one type of financial market. There are other types such as commodities markets, which exchange futures and more, foreign exchange markets and derivatives markets. We will visit a few of these other financial markets in the chapters of this book.

This book covers

  • Tools and Platform;
  • Approach to stock investing + mindset / emotional management;
  • Advanced analysis;
  • Best techniques strategies and tactics;
  • Indicators;
  • Manage risk.
  • The Right Approach to Trading;
  • Sector Analysis and Strategy;
  • Designing a Killer Trading Plan;
  • The Tools to Forex Trading;
  • Benefits of Forex Trading;

And much more

The most significant thing you need is to have the readiness to focus on an exchanging technique based on sound essentials and core values, which will empower you to accomplish your targets ultimately.

Do you want to find out more about the book?

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