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STOCK MARKET MASTERS: Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Mark Minervini — Learn the Habits of Phenomenal Investors and Achieve Financial Success (Financial Master Series Book 3)

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The world’s greatest investors dominate the stock market–and so can you!

What if it is possible to make a killing in the stock market to the point that you have exceeded earning enough to retire by ten times?

What if it is possible to beat the average return of the market handily?

If you do this, you are dominating the stock market.

It turns out it is possible, and many have done it and far exceeded it!

For example, Mark Minervini made a 220 percent annual return for more than five consecutive years resulting in 33,500 percent gain. Amazing!

The average investor doesn’t dominate the stock market, which means that we must not be average in our approach to investing if we want to.  

We must learn everything there is to know about investing and own it.

One of the best ways to be successful at investing and dominate the market is to select a guide. An excellent guide will save us an enormous amount of time, and this book (for the beginner and intermediate investor) is here to help you choose one.

The possible guides for you to choose from in this book are Warren Buffett (Buy and Hold investor), Ray Dalio (Hedge Fund Manager), and Mark Minervini (Stock Trader).

They are unbelievably successful investors!

In the book, we uncover four habits for successful investors.  These habits are vast in the ways they can be implemented and will keep an investor busy for a lifetime.

Next, the fun part begins, and we explore how these phenomenal investors implement these habits.

There’s nothing like studying real-world examples to prove and reinforce a theory!  It turns out that these investors are quite passionate and even obsessed about some of these habits.

Although the book focuses on exceptional investor’s habits, three stock market theory chapters focus on the top investor’s strategies as well.

Learning the habits of phenomenal investors and their strategies is a perfect way to improve your knowledge and skills for investing in the stock market.

If you happen to find yourself witnessing a bear market or even a stock market crash, you must be ready for the next bull market because it is one of the easiest times to make big money.  It’s as if the money is just lying on the table, and all you must do is go over to it and pick it up. But it is also easy to miss!

There are countless stories of investors finally feeling comfortable enough to buy, and then the market tanks. That’s why it is crucial to read books like these so you won’t miss out on the next big move.

Many investors have obtained financial freedom by investing in the stock market and are free to do whatever they feel.

Maybe you will be one of those investors too!

I hope so.

If you find this interesting, then click the buy button and get your copy today.


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