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Trading Bible for Beginners: This Book Includes: Stock Market Investing for Beginners + Options Trading Crash Course. All in One Solution About Forex, Stocks, Options, Swing & Day Trading

Price: ₹ 449.00
(as of Aug 19,2020 12:45:47 UTC – Details)

4 MANUSCRIPTS |  COLLECTED 2 by 2 | Conveniently Packed in One Powerful Bundle!

This is an incredible value for money offer!!! Lots of useful information, many charts and tables to better understand the notions.

Tips & strategies about the universe of trading in 1 consolidated book!

Want to tap into one of the largest global markets that offer investor flexibility, high liquidity, and the potential for a high return on investment?

Have you discovered that  trading is a great investment opportunity, but you have no idea how to start?

Are you looking for a detailed yet straightforward guide that gives you the basics of Trading and gives you all the information and tools you need to get started ?

Do you want to take advantage of the market? Do you want to start trading but are not sure how to start? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a proven plan to increase your chances of success dramatically?

If your answer is yes, keep reading!

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future and buy this book today!

This book covers:

  • The Right Approach to Trading;
  • Sector Analysis and Strategy;
  • Designing a Killer Trading Plan;
  • The Tools to Forex Trading;
  • Benefits of Forex Trading;
  • What is Day Trading?;
  • How to Start Day Trading?
  • Day Trading Vs. Swing Trading;
  • Trading Psychology: An Important Factor;
  • Tools and Platform;
  • Approach to stock investing + mindset / emotional management;
  • Advanced analysis;
  • Best techniques strategies and tactics;
  • Indicators;
  • Manage risk.
  • Mindset
  • How Swing Trading works;
  • Rules of exchange;
  • Fundamental and technical analysis;
  • Best indicators for Swing Traders;
  • Plan the attack to win in 7 days.

And many more!

You will be able to earn money right after reading this book, but this only happens if you practice with banknotes, follow the information step by step and take the opportunity. Investing is not gambling. If you want to lose money by making quick decisions based on emotions, go to the nearest casino. This book is not for gamers.

Click “ Buy Now ”!


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